Dreams - Your Window to Heaven
by Debbie Johnson

"A Hands-On Approach to Mining the Gold in Your Dreams

Adventure!  Dreams can bring you some of the richest adventures you'll have in your life.  They take you to the limits of your imagination, even to the threshold of heaven.  They'll give you golden opportunities to explore your distant past, understand your present, and see future possibilities

Answers!  What do your dreams mean?  This book challenges the theory of universal dream symbols. Learn about your own dream symbols and how they can change as you grow in awareness.

Debbie Johnson's new book offers dynamic tips to help you:
- remember, record, and interpret your dreams
- examine and eliminate nightmares
- solve daily problems and explore past lives
- have prophetic dreams by choice - not by chance"


Dreams - Your Window to Heaven by Debbie Johnson
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The Art of Spiritual Dreaming
by Harold Klemp

"Dreaming is an art.

Your life is the canvas. You are the artist. Paint a more fulfilling life for yourself using Harold Klemp's proven techniques in The Art of Spiritual Dreaming. Your dreams are the secret to creating a masterpiece.

Throughout the ages, dreams were held in high esteem. Prophets like Moses and dream interpreters like Joseph held the fate of nations in their hands. 

Your dreams are real. Learn how dreams can help you gain insights from the past and future, grow in confidence, heal yourself spiritually, make decisions about your career and finances. Do this from a unique point of view: recognize the spiritual nature of your dreams. Create your masterpiece!"


The Art of Spiritual Dreaming by Harold Klemp
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Past Lives, Dreams and Soul Travel
by Harold Klemp

"Harold Klemp, leading authority on past lives, dreams, and Soul Travel, brings you startling insights in this breakthrough book.

Past Lives - Learn to recall memories of past lives!  Lessons of long ago can be recaptured now to help our lives today. Our character is made up of virtues and shortcomings, and all are a development from past lives.

Dreams - Dreams are real, another way to find wisdom from the heart. Dreams open new avenues of truth and give insights just for you.

Soul Travel - Soul Travel is simply a shift in consciousness.  Its main benefit is to let us tap into the wisdom and knowledge of the last great frontier - our inner worlds.  To fully, consciously ride the wave of divine love coming into our lives every day.

Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel prepares you to set foot on the grandest adventure of your life.  Find your true purpose. Find greater love than you've ever known. Find spiritual freedom beyond your dreams.  This book can change you forever."

Past Lives Dreams and Soul Travel by Harold Klemp 
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Exploring Past Lives to Heal the Present
by Debbie Johnson

"Discover the Keys Previously Hidden from You
How do you heal a broken heart?
What's behind the mystery of child prodigies?
How can one place seem so strange and another so familiar?
Why are some people born physically challenged and others able bodied?

Past-life researcher Debbie Johnson gives answers to these questions and more. Read her past-life stories and those of many people she's interviewed. You'll discover keys to unlock the mysteries of your own life.

' Learning about my past lives, using the easy methods I learned in Eckankar,' say Johnson, 'helped me heal my heart, discover the cause of past financial problems, and find a way to improve my present relationships.'

Explore why we are here and how we can strengthen who we are by learning to express God's love under every circumstance and condition."


Explore Past Lives to Heal the Present by Debbie Johnson
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The Language of Soul: Keys to Living a More Meaningful Life
by Harold Klemp

"The Language of Soul is a spiritual prescription for what ails a troubled world - remembrance of our true nature as Soul.  It is not something we have to attain.  For we are Soul.

Soul lives in the present.

This practical, accessible book is a golden beacon aimed at the heart of truth. Harold Klemp knows the language that helps us discover what we've always known in our hearts:  We don't have a Soul.  We are Soul.

Soul's 360-degree viewpoint enables us to see the totality of our lives.  From that mountaintop perspective we make better decisions about living a more joyous and meaningful life."

The Language of Soul by Harold Klemp
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Stranger by the River: A Priceless Book on the Secret Knowledge of God
by Paul Twitchell

"Stranger by the River helps you navigate the river of life in the tradition of other classics such as Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet, William Blake's mystical poetry, and the Bible's Song of Solomon.
Begin to experience a new consciousness when you see yourself from the perspective of Soul, a divine spark of God. Learn to recognize God's love through your relationships with your spouse or lover, your friends, and your family.

This powerful book will help you discover a life of love. It will forever change your awareness of yourself - as immortal Soul."


Stranger by the River by Paul Twitchell
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